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Get More Value From Propane in Your Home

Written on: July 24, 2023

Propane Can Do So Much More Than Heating and Cooking

uses of propane Loxahatchee, fl If you have propane for your home, but you’re only using it for heating and cooking, you’re missing out on all the benefits this versatile fuel can deliver. The efficient power of propane means it’s a smarter choice than electricity for a wide variety of appliances that use hot water or heat, including washers and dryers, dishwashers, outdoor lighting, patio heaters, space heaters, pool and spa heaters, outdoor grills and more. Here are just a few of the ways propane can add value—and comfort—to your home.

How To Make Good Use of Propane’s Efficiency

Backup Power: Here in south Florida, hurricane season is no joke. Having reliable access to backup power can be a lifesaver, and it can add significant value to your home and even lower your insurance premiums. A propane-powered standby generator will come on automatically when the electricity goes down to keep your home running. There’s no need to line up for gasoline, and no need to wrangle equipment outside, maybe in the dark, during a storm.

Outdoor Living: When the weather is good, outdoor living is what South Florida is all about. Fire pits and fire bowls are an attractive focal point and gathering space for entertaining friends and family. Propane patio heaters can take the chill off the occasional chilly night, and propane-fueled pool and spa heaters will warm up water much faster than an electric heater, and maintain the temperature better once the water is warm.

Grilling: If you have a propane range in your kitchen, you already know that nothing beats the precision and control you get cooking with gas. That’s why it’s the first choice of professional chefs in the kitchen—but it delivers the same precise temperature control on the patio. A propane grill makes outdoor cooking as easy as turning on your kitchen cooktop: Flip a switch, turn a knob and set your heat level. There’s less waiting time, too, because a propane grill is hot and ready to go in about 10 minutes. Compare that to 30 minutes or more to get charcoal hot.

Indoor fireplaces: A propane fireplace brings all the ambiance and warmth of a wood-burning fireplace to any room, without the mess, smoke, and ash. And unlike a traditional fireplace, you can install a propane-fueled fireplace just about anywhere: living room, dining room, bedroom, even the kitchen. Imagine the luxe, spa-like glamour of a fireplace in your master bath!

Space heating: Propane wall and space heaters make it easy to heat spaces your heating system doesn’t reach—like additions, sunrooms, attics, workshops, and garages when unpredictable weather patterns result in unusually cold weather that most south Florida homes are not designed for.

The Value Proposition

Whether you are refurbishing your existing home, building your dream house, or just looking for ways to reduce your fuel bills, propane provides great value. Your team of pros at Beeline can answer all your questions, and help make adding propane appliances to your home easy.

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