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Propane Equipment Hurricane Season Tips

Written on: August 22, 2022

Propane Safety Basics

hurricane safety floridaIn general, propane is an incredibly safe fuel source. When in storm- and flood-prone areas like southern Florida, large aboveground and underground propane tanks are required to be precisely placed and securely anchored. But as we head into peak hurricane season, it’s smart to review basic propane safety to ensure all remains in order throughout the worst storms that come our way:

Identifying Propane Gas Leaks

Propane has a distinct rotten-egg smell to help you quickly notice leaking gas. Make sure everyone in your home can recognize the odor. And if you do smell gas:

Propane Safety Dos and Don’ts

Even when it’s not an emergency, there are some basic practices you should follow when dealing with propane equipment:

Knowing When and How to Shut Off Your Propane Tank

Under certain emergency conditions, you may need to turn off your gas at the tank. It’s not hard—but it’s important to familiarize yourself with your tank so you know what to do when it’s an emergency:

When to turn off your propane:

If it feels unsafe to turn off the gas, first move a safe distance away and outside and then call for help. Once you’ve turned off your propane, do not go back in the house until a certified technician has confirmed that it’s safe. Also, never turn the propane back on yourself.

Turning the gas off changes the pressure in the lines, which can cause the seals around pipe fittings to contract and create a leak. A professional propane technician needs to perform a leak test to check the integrity of these joints and seals. Pressure tests are required by state and federal law, as well as insurance rules.

Beeline Propane Puts Your Safety First…Always!

While it’s a highly flammable gas under certain conditions, leaks are rare and propane is a safe and clean-burning way to heat your home and water, plus run many of your appliances. As with any fuel, there are certain steps to take to ensure you and your home are safe and comfortable. Knowing what to do if you smell gas can help ensure the situation is resolved safely and quickly.

If you have any questions about this information or any other propane safety issues, contact us. We’ll be happy to help.