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How Do Propane Forklift Fuel Systems Work?

Written on: May 27, 2024

Boost Productivity—And Your Bottom Line

propane forklifts Martin County, FL There are a lot of reasons that propane-fueled forklifts are the choice of more and more businesses. The ease of refueling is a big one. Bulk diesel deliveries might make sense if you have a fleet of heavy-duty off-road vehicles and equipment. And while electric power might make sense for your personal vehicle, it’s not the right choice if you need to rely on a full day at full power from your forklift. A propane forklift fuel system uses a forklift cylinder exchange, much like the ones you probably use for your propane grill. But it’s designed to keep your forklifts on the job while you save time and money.

What is forklift cylinder exchange?

Much like the cylinder exchange services you might use for a grill, you swap out empty cylinders for full ones. Except you have a ready supply of tanks on hand, and refills get delivered on a timely basis.

Our pros will evaluate your business’s needs based on how many forklifts you have and how you use them, and give you a quote for a customized cylinder exchange program that ensures you have a steady supply of full tanks to keep your business humming.

How are forklift cylinders stored?

We’ll set up sturdy, safe storage cages for your cylinders and thoroughly train your workers in the safe handling of propane cylinders. Cylinder storage doesn’t require a lot of space. It also doesn’t require special equipment, upgraded electric, or eyewash stations. you just need a safe space to set up storage cages that’s in a well-ventilated space or outdoors.

What size are forklift tanks?

The majority of propane-powered forklifts use 33-pound (or 8 gallon) tanks. Under most operating conditions, one 33-pound tank will keep a forklift running at full power for about 8 hours. Swapping out the tank to refuel takes about 10 minutes. An electric forklift will lose power as it runs, and a battery can take about 8 hours to charge, and requires cool-down time.

For bigger forklifts, a 43-pound cylinder will keep it running for about six hours. But swapping out the tank still only takes a few minutes.

How much do forklift propane tanks weigh?

Propane cylinders are available in both steel and aluminum. The materials can create quite a difference in weight, especially when the tank is full. An 8-gallong forklift cylinder made of steel weighs approximately 35 pounds when empty and 69 pounds when full. The same size aluminum forklift tank, on the other hand, weighs only 23 pounds when empty and about 56 pounds when full. Those additional pounds are clearly harder on both delivery personnel and forklift operators, so we recommend aluminum tanks for most of our customers.

What are the benefits of propane forklift fueling systems?

A propane forklift fueling system offers several benefits. It’s great for your bottom line because it offers more productive time, and less downtime for refueling.
We make it easy, with a team of fuel management experts to help make sure you have the propane you need when you need it.

You get all the benefits of propane-powered forklifts: all-day power, indoor/outdoor equipment that is better at handling heavier loads and more capable when it comes to inclines.

And, you’re using an efficient, American-made fuel that is low emission and safe for the environment.

Ready to learn more? Contact us today to learn about how our propane forklift cylinder exchange or other commercial propane services can help your south Florida business!