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How Long Does Propane Last?

Written on: March 25, 2024

Eliminate the Guesswork and Avoid Runouts

propane Jupiter, FL If you’re like many of our customers, you may spend the warmer months up north. When you know you’ll be gone for a while, you probably toss anything perishable from the fridge—you only need to come home to a spoiled carton of milk once. But what about a full tank of propane? Does propane spoil? The good news is that, unlike gasoline or heating oil, propane doesn’t go “bad.” If you have a seasonal or vacation home in the West Palm beach area, it’s ok to leave a full tank—in fact, it can be better than leaving an empty or low tank. Knowing how long a tank of propane lasts for your household is important.

That’s because running out of propane can lead to problems. Here’s why—and how you can avoid an empty tank.

Why Avoid a Runout

Running out of propane can be a big inconvenience—and an expensive one, too. You’re your propane tank hits empty, or even very low, the pressure in the lines changes. That can cause seals around joints to contract, resulting in a leak. While propane is completely safe under most conditions, a leak can be dangerous. Especially if your house is left empty and no one notices the warning signs. It’s also why we must perform (and charge you for) a pressure check when we have to refill an empty tank.

To avoid running out of propane, we recommend calling for a delivery when your tank hits between 15% and 20%. (To help keep costs down, we try to schedule and route deliveries efficiently.) It’s easy to check your tank gauge: it’s under the lid, near the fill pipe and shut-off valve. Because propane expands and contracts with temperature, your tank will never read 100% full, even right after a delivery.

Prevent Runouts

An easy way to avoid running out of propane is by signing up for our convenient automatic delivery service. We use a proven system based on your average propane use and weather trends to calculate when your tank will need a fill-up. This service is free and easy, and eliminates the need to remember to check your tank gauge and schedule a delivery.

But, automatic delivery works best when your propane use is consistent. If you travel frequently, or for extended periods, our wireless tank monitor is a great solution.

The wireless tank monitors tracks the level of propane in your tank in real time and transmits your use via wireless cellular technology. When the tank gauge reaches a pre-set level, the monitor alerts us—and you—directly via the wireless mobile app. Then, we’ll automatically schedule a delivery to ensure you don’t run out. That means whether you’re home and using propane every day for water heating and cooking, or if you’re away and not using propane at all, we’ll know when you need a delivery.

A wireless tank monitor is easy to install, and we can have you ready to go in a matter of minutes!

The Bottom Line

We know you have choices when it comes to propane providers. That’s why we do our best to make Beeline the easy choice. Our tank monitors and convenient automatic delivery service help you streamline by eliminating the need to call for deliveries. The experts at Beeline can help assess your needs and chose the service that’s right for your lifestyle.

Contact us for more information and to become a customer today.