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Propane is a Smarter, More Efficient Way to Heat Your Pool

Written on: February 24, 2022

Learn How Propane Can Benefit Your South Florida Home!

pool heaters floridaHaving a pool—and being able to use it year-round—might be one of the reasons you have a home in South Florida in the first place. And being able to take the chill out of the water is important, especially when we have a cold snap like we saw this past January! So, if you’re in the market for an energy-efficient solution to keep your pool nice and warm throughout the “chillier” months of the year, you might be surprised to learn just how great of a choice propane can be.

A propane pool heater will produce more heat, so it will warm up the water in your pool or spa much faster than its electric heater counterpart. Additionally, an electric pool heater will take hours to bring the water to a comfortable temperature, and as the outside temperature gets cooler, an electric pool heater must work even harder to heat the water—which drives up your energy costs exponentially.

Meanwhile, according to the U.S. Department of Energy, a propane-powered pool heater can achieve as much as 95% efficiency. Propane heaters also do a better job at maintaining the temperature once the water is warm. As a result, propane pool heaters help you keep heating costs under control, while letting you enjoy your pool or spa more.

Propane is Cleaner—and More Versatile!

In addition to being a highly efficient way to heat water, propane is a clean-burning fuel, so you’ll save energy and reduce your home’s carbon footprint all at the same time.

If you’re picturing propane cylinders that fuel a grill, think again. Propane is a versatile and efficient fuel that can add value and enhance your home indoors and out. In addition to pool and spas, propane can be used to create a luxe outdoor entertaining area, with a built-in grill and outdoor kitchen, even firepits! What’s better? Beeline Propane can get you setup in no time with a new tank and all the necessary connections to help your home run countless propane appliances year-round.

When it comes to fuel delivery, Beeline Propane is the preferred choice for local, reliable propane services, including automatic delivery and propane tank installations in the West Palm Beach, Florida area. We’re happy to answer all your questions and show you how propane can better enhance your residence—just contact us today for more information.